Doug Supports:

Reduce Government Spending and Balance the Federal Budget
Federal Spending is out of control in the United States. Baseline Budgeting must come to an end. Doug supports The Penny Plan developed by Connie Mack of Florida. The Penny Plan balances the Federal Budget by reducing real spending by 1% per year for 6 years, and capping spending at 18% of GDP.
Doug believes in the biblical principle of leaving an inheritance to our children. He does not believe in leaving a 17 Trillion dollar debt for his children and grandchildren to pay.

Protect our Second Amendment Rights
Doug has his Texas Concealed Handgun License. He believes in the basic human right of self defense. Doug supports the NRA, and their mission to educate Americans in gun safety. Doug is the only candidate running for Congress in the Texas 15th District that has his Texas Concealed Handgun License.

Repeal Obamacare
Doug supports The Patient Care Act introduced by Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. The plan repeals Obamacare and replaces it with common-sense, patient-centered reforms that reduce health care costs and increase access to affordable, high-quality care.

Smaller Government
Our Founding Fathers did not intend for the federal Government to be in every aspect of your life. The American Dream they had in mind is for you to accomplish anything you want to accomplish whether it is start a small business, or work for someone else. The Federal Bureaucracy has grown into a monster out of control. It is time for Americans to become informed and take their country back.

Get Government out of the way of small business
The intrusive Federal Government makes it difficult for small business owners to be successful. Starting with Obamacare Doug will work to repeal it and replace it with The Patient Care Act. Doug also believes in lowering the Tax Rate so small business can hire more workers and provide more goods and services. By keeping energy costs low, Doug believes small business will have a fighting chance to succeed.

Domestic Energy Production and the Keystone XL Pipeline
In North America we have enough oil. We do not need to import crude oil from other countries. Yet the President Obama sent money to Brazil for offshore oil exploration. I will fight for the Keystone XL Pipeline. It is good for America. It will create American jobs, and supply us with enough energy. High energy prices make it difficult for working families to survive.

Reform the Federal Tax System
Doug knows that the 70,000 page tax code is part of our fiscal problem. Doug believes in a fair tax system for everyone. Doug favors a Flat Tax for all Americans. He does not believe there should be a Death Tax, or tax on Capital Gains.

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